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  A small, one-person, studio apartment move can take anywhere from 30 minutes all the way to 4 hours, all with the same amount of total stuff.

  It all comes down to preparation.

  As I charge by the hour, it is in your best interest to be as prepared as possible.


  The following steps will help ensure you stay on the low end of the time range:

1) Pack everything you want moved in advance!!
Do not try to pack on the day of the move.  Do not pack just the "main things" - literally everything that you don't need to use the next morning should packed (at least) the night before; otherwise, expect to be making extra trips on your own to get all the little stuff.
Any furniture which will not fit through the door or down the stairs (i.e. bedframes, large tables with removable legs, etc) should be disassembled in advance.
I can do these things for you if necessary, just remember - I charge by the hour.

2) Pack boxes properly.
Use strong boxes, and be generous with the tape.  I am not responsible for broken items if a box breaks when I pick it up.
All boxes should be able to close.  They must either have a lid, or flaps that fold down.
Open boxes are impossible to stack, which means they can not be placed on a dolly or stacked in the truck.


        (This may as well not be packed at all)                                    (Super Dolly moves up to 8 closed boxes at a time, even on stairs)

Don't be afraid to use large boxes, and load them to the top.  It is much faster to move just a few large boxes rather than lots and lots of tiny boxes. 
Weight is not a concern (so long as the box isn't in danger of breaking).  Go ahead and fill that file box with books.
Protect and label fragile items.
Label anything you need to be able to find post-move.

3) Clearly separate items to be moved from items to stay behind.
Ideally everything to be moved will be in one place, as close to the front door as possible.
If cost and/or time is a major concern, you could even stage things near the street just before I arrive.

4) Recruit friends to help!
By default it's just you, me, and the Super Dolly.  I can hire a helper if necessary, but the hourly rate will double.
(Because I am an anti-capitalist, I have no labor mark-up - i.e. 100% of what you pay for my assistant goes to them directly)

You can probably get a friend or two to help out for free beer or pizza.

5) Expect to be present for the entirety of your move!
Unless you say otherwise, I will assume you are planning to help move your own stuff.
If for some reason you will not be able to be present the entire time, or if you will be unable to help (i.e. back problems, watching a child), you should let me know this in advance.